Making Fargo-Moorhead Smile

About Smiles Dental offers affordable family dental care in the Fargo­-Moorhead metropolitan area. Our comprehensive dental services include preventative care, cosmetic procedures, orthodontics, and pediatric dentistry. Led by Dr. Svetlana Sampson, our dental team provides clients of all ages with exceptional care and comfort.

2704, 2016

Bad breath and how to prevent it

One of the conditions that can cause people to become self-conscious and socially awkward is bad breath, also known as halitosis. [...]


Affordable Family Dental Care in Fargo-Moorhead

The clinic provides a whole range of dental services including fillings, extractions, minor surgeries, cosmetic dental work and prosthodontics. Our diagnostic imaging and other equipment are state-of-the-art to ensure that an accurate diagnosis is attained.


Our team consists of dentists, of which some are general practitioners and some are dental specialists. Auxiliary staff include the clinical assistants and nurses as well as admin staff.

KathyDental Assistant
Dr. Svetlana Sampson
Dr. Svetlana SampsonLead Dentist
SuReiDental Assistant
AmandaDental Hygienist
StephanieDental Hygienist


As a small business owner, who also works a 40 hour a week job, I really appreciate it when I’m able to find a place that makes things I’d prefer to not be doing…easy & completely painless.

Yesterday I was at About Smiles to have my teeth cleaned & I was lucky to have that done by Stephanie again. Stephanie makes having your teeth cleaned seem like lounging at home…on the couch, I even dozed off a couple of times…when I was awake she was very informative.

The entire staff makes you feel very welcome and seems to genuinely appreciate that you chose their facility, you don’t get that feeling everywhere, so that’s great, but Stephanie takes it a step further, to me, it felt like I was hanging out with a friend.

I used to go years between cleanings…I’d be fine with once a week…now that I’ve found Stephanie and About Smiles!

Jim Schumacher
The lovely All About Smiles team makes the experience much like going to the spa. It’s such a quiet, calm environment. The team is so thoughtful and kind and always remember me from visit to visit. I gush about their office to everyone when the subject of dentistry comes up in conversation. Since I was a child with a couple of bad experiences, I dreaded, to the point of anxiety attacks, going to the dentist. Now, I don’t mind at all and look forward to an hour calm serenity. Never thought a dentist’s office could EVER make me feel like that!
Alison Kohler
I love the way they help customers. Very affordable prices.
Umarov Karimjon