Can dental anxiety be overcome?

There are a few ways to overcome dental anxiety or dentophobia. It is a rather common fear among the general population, so do not be ashamed if you have it! Do share your concerns with us, and we will figure out the appropriate means to overcome those anxieties.

Ways to relax and prepare

One way of achieving a relaxed state is through meditation or breathing exercises. Simply by taking deep breaths and calming your mind, negative feelings can be subdued, and you will feel a sense of calmness. Besides that, we can offer various types of sedation before dental procedures so that you feel more at ease throughout. We also encourage patients to bring their favourite music on their ipod or smartphone to listen to during treatment. Our professionals are trained to address any of your concerns. Being open and honest with us will allow us to put your mind at ease and arm you with the knowledge and confidence needed to move forward.Whatever your situation may be, feel free to have a talk with your dentist about your expectations.